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Safety Tips for Pregnant Travelers

Pregnancy takes nine months and during those times, there are occasions when you just need to travel or you simply just want to go out and breathe some fresh air. If you are pregnant and about to go travelling, here are some basic safety tips which can greatly help you.

First, you have to double check with your doctor if it is okay for you to go on a trip especially if this would involve taking the plane or being in a long drive. Some doctors would recommend that you undergo some tests first before going to your trip just to make sure that everything is okay. If the doctor says that it is safe, then pursue it. Do not hide any details from your doctor regarding mode of transportation or itinerary. You would not want to risk you and your baby’s safety, right?

Second, plan the schedule of your trip. Do not go for the dates which fall on the peak season so you would not have a difficult time. Peak season involves a lot of other people who are travelling so you might have a hard time in airports, flights or other places you want to visit.

Third, bring along copies of your important document which includes your health information sheet, contact details of your doctor, medical records for you and your baby and other medical related documents. This is just to ensure that if in case there is an emergency, people around you would not be clueless about your health and medical background.

Fourth, if you have vitamins or other medicines that you have to take, make sure that you will bring all those along.

Lastly, do not push yourself too much and strain yourself by doing stressful or tiring activities. Those are just some of the things you have to keep in mind when travelling if you are pregnant. If your trip could wait though, it is better to skip on travelling just to be on the really safe side.

How to Get Well Faster – 8 Tips For Improving Your Hospital Stay

Getting well when you’re in the hospital can be challenging. Hospitalization can be a very stressful and challenging experience. As a physician, I’ve observed the disruption illness can bring to the lives of my patients. Often times patients don’t know what to do during the hospitalization, and are left with long intervals of time, often resulting in watching television in between hospital staff interactions, diagnostic tests and receiving visitors.
Here are a few tips that can help you to improve your hospital stay and recovery:

1. Decide you want to get well. This is very important. Most patients focus on not wanting to be sick, rather than getting well. This difference may seem subtle but it is very important. If you focus on your health, you are literally activating your cells and organs that will help your body to heal. Your intention to get well, assists your body in ways that modern medicine is finally beginning to acknowledge.

2. Ignore all dire predictions -Use them as a catalyst, as a challenge to overcome whatever disease you are facing. Despite the odds, others have lived and you can, too! I’ve witnessed many patients defy their doctor’s predictions. Unfortunately, doctors are trained not to give “false hope,” and often give patients dire predictions – that appear to be credible predictions based on statistics involving other patients. Of course such bleak predictions will have a very negative impact on recovery and health.

Many patients have proven to me over the years that we all possess the ability to survive, thrive and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Regardless of the diagnosis and prognosis you are facing, please know all is not lost. Men and women like you have faced the challenges of living with and overcoming serious and potentially fatal diseases. These experiences led me to believe that you, too, can get well, too!

Usually predictions are based on statistics that reflect the experience of other people. The will to live, the desire to get well, has a tremendous impact on our bodies and can mean the difference, literally between recovery and illness, health and disease and life and death. They can’t accurately predict how long you will live. Remember: all statistics reflect the experience of others and may not necessarily predict yours.

3. Explore you inner, secret thoughts and emotions. How do you feel about this experience called “disease”? Does it create fear, anxiety, denial, and constant thoughts? That’s normal. All of these emotions are a part of the disease process. You can work your way through all of them, with awareness and patience.

Pay attention to your feelings and emotions, honestly allow yourself to experience them. Sometimes you’re frightened, anxious, distressed. Also, lonely, pain, fatigues That’s very normal. Acknowledge them

4. Stay informed- Ask your doctor questions about your condition. Write them down, or designate a trusted family member and friend to be your advocate

5. Surround yourself with positive things. Turn off the news (any type, unless you just watch the weather)! Don’t watch violent, depressing television programs. Watch inspiring comedy and educational programs Use the resources that are available to you via the Internet, books, CDs, DVDs, and other formats.

6. Share your thoughts and feelings with a kind person, a good listening ear. It doesn’t matter who that is. A health professional, family member, spouse, friend or someone else can be a great well-being coach, a valuable asset.

7. Cultivate optimism. Medical research demonstrates optimists are healthier and recover faster than pessimists. Every crisis can be viewed as an opportunity. Your cup isn’t necessarily half empty, it’s half full. Face every crisis as an opportunity. Pessimism can be redirected.

8. Finds ways to relax. This is a very important thing to do. Most illnesses are stress related. When your body is relaxed it has the opportunity to regenerate and heal.

Simple Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers Trying to Claim Disability

At the moment of writing this article, there is not an entry in the Social Security Disability Listing for Impairment for the condition Fibromyalgia. Nor is there for its other names commonly used such as fibromyositis or Myofacial Pain Syndrome. Getting denied of claims is quite common ground for Fibromyalgia patients, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

There is hope for the fibromyalgia patient who needs to claim disability. Many fellow sufferers have gone on to win their cases, you likewise can. The trick is to pursue the claim of disability through the appeal process.

After a person files at the Social Security Office, the case is transferred to DDS, an agency responsible for making the decisions on Disability. Once it is in this agency, the claim is assigned to a specialist who then makes the determination to approve or decline the disability claim.

So why is it so hard to get approved for disability when fibromyalgia is so disabling? Well, the reasons are many. SSD will generally give very little weight to this condition because the condition is not well understood. Your chances get even less when there is not another condition that is accompanying it such as arthritis or some degenerative disease.

Part of the problem is also that the causes are not fully understood and symptoms can range from mild to severe, from one patient to the next. This is why it helps if Fibromyalgia is diagnosed in conjunction with another diagnosis. This is because Fibromyalgia will be seen more legitimately and logical if it is an extension of another “more real” diagnosis.

Another factor is who makes the diagnosis. A diagnosis coming from a Rheumatologist will hold much more weight than if made by a family practitioner or an internist. The label of a specialist holds more umph when it comes to decision time.

This, of course, is no fault of the fibromyalgia sufferer, but there are some tips you can follow to increase your chances of winning your case. The chances of winning are improving as more information about fibromyalgia comes out. So let’s get to the tips for a winning case.

If you want to claim Fibromyalgia for your disability make sure that it has been diagnosed and is in your medical records. If a doctor merely mentions fibromyalgia as a possibility without diagnosing it and charting it, you could be out of luck. So, make sure it is in your medical records.

Make sure that you have been diagnosed by a specialist. If your family doctor makes the diagnosis, have a specialist such as a rheumatologist give you the same diagnosis. Like previously mentioned, diagnosis from a specialist will hold more weight.

This sounds brutal but try not to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a mental health worker. Psychiatrists and those in the mental health arena sometimes overdiagnose patients with Fibromyalgia and so it does not look valid to the SSD agents. If you are diagnosed by a mental health provider, make sure that you are also seen by a specialist such as a rheumatologist to validate the diagnosis.

Be informed and know what’s in your records. Make copies of everything. It is well known that social security disability cases are decided on records. This holds true for all levels of administration that your case will flow through. By obtaining copies of your medical records before you apply, you will have an idea of how your case looks to the decision makers and help you know if you need to see another doctor before applying.

These simple tips will help you in your fight to win your disability case. Fibromyalgia disability cases can be won and the more that do the easier it will get for our fight.

Copyright (c) 2007 Hailey Harris